Wisconsin Player Quotes

January 1, 2024

Quarterback Tanner Mordecai

On the ups and downs of today's game
"It was a really tough one. We started out hot, we started out the way we wanted to, and we started out the second half the way we wanted to but we just couldn't capitalize at the end when we needed to. It's tough, we played a great opponent and I'm proud of my guys. I think we battled, and I don't think there is any fight left in this team. We just came up short."

On whether he noticed any second-half adjustments by LSU in the second half
"They ran a few more twists up front and a little less man than in the first half, I think - that's probably pretty close."

On whether they wanted to throw the ball down the field a little more than they have
"That was part of the game plan, to air it out a little bit. I think our guys up front did pretty well blocking for me and giving me time to get the ball down the field. I think we played okay but we just couldn't capitalize when we needed to, at the end and at the end of the first half."

On his thoughts when it was second and two at the 19 (yard line) during the final drive of the game in the closing minutes
"I thought we were rolling and executing what we needed to execute, I just didn't get the ball out of my hands quick enough."

OLB C.J. Goetz

On LSU's offense was explosive all season, what were some of the issues the Wisconsin defense faced
"I think limiting the explosive big chunk plays. We started off the game eliminating those but as the game went on, we gave up a couple of big plays that hurt us."

On what needs to be done to get the Wisconsin defense back to the level it has been at in the past
"Starting in spring ball, playing with confidence, and really drawing off of that. There is not one area that I would say is a weakness, or anything like that, I would just say playing confident and playing free."

On the issues Wisconsin had getting to the LSU quarterback and getting into the backfield
"They had a good game plan; there wasn't any one-on-ones that they provided throughout the whole game. Even making an inside move there was a guard waiting so they slid the protection really well, and like you said, MaxPro, keeping six to seven guys."

On the roller coaster of the season
"For sure (I agree), there were some really good highs, and then there were dips in the roller coaster that were the lows of the season."

On what the last couple of years have been like for him
"I am just very grateful that I had the experiences and opportunities that I have had and very blessed to have had my teammates and the bonds that I will have the rest of my life."
RB Jackson Acker

On his thoughts of it being a roller coaster of a season
"We talked about that but also touched on the importance of sticking together through all of it. It can be hard on all of us, and it gets difficult, but as long as we stay together, we're all we need."

On whether he thought that this is what the offense would look like at the beginning of the season
"I really like how we came out fast, it was something we kind of struggled with all year. I thought we played great, there are some things to work on, but I am hoping that it's more how it will look next year."

On being in the locker room with the seniors for the final time
"It was something we talked about all year, was doing it for the seniors. It really sucks that they couldn't go out with a win. I thought we played great, but like I said, there were a few things that didn't go our way and we couldn't pull it off.

On using this as an opportunity to use this game to build towards next year and to show the staff what he can do and whether he accomplished that today
"I do (think I did that), I think I did play good, but as always, there are definitely things I can improve on. I didn't play a perfect game by any means, but I am happy with how I played.

WR Bryson Green

On his touchdown catch
"You know, luck of the draw, I was open and Tanner had confidence in me to throw it up to me and I think that shows our dedication to our bowl prep. I think we played our best offense all season and it was exciting to see that. Of course we want the win but we learn from these games and move on."

On taking the next step as an offense
"Just like we did in the bowl game. We had some really good practices for the bowl game.I think it showed when we went up early on them and I think that was kind of it. All the bowl prep and everything moved forward and I think we are going to get more comfortable with it next season."

On finishing the season with a loss
"Sometimes God has a plan and it does not go the way we planned it.Of course we want this win but we are going to learn from this, it hurts as it is the last game of our season and for our seniors but we will look at the film and take what we can learn from it for next season."

On returning next season
"I will be back next year!"

OL Jake Renfro

On why LSU was able to get in the backfield on back to back to back plays
"As an offensive line, we have to go out there and execute. On the last plays of the game we failed to do that, myself specifically on that last play."

On whether LSU line did anything special at the end
"The whole game, they were doing exactly what we saw in film. On the last drive they may have showed some different things but overall we were prepared for it. Sometimes you get beat and it is not acceptable and you have to go back to work."

On the off-season
"It is going to be a huge offseason for us. We got some new players in and continuing that culture and tough and nasty workstyle. It takes a little bit of time so it is a huge offseason. We are going to go out there and lead the team this offseason and you are going to see a different Wisconsin football out there next year."