LSU Player Quotes

January 1, 2024

Safety Major Burns

On getting a win in the ReliaQuest Bowl
"It was a wild game for sure but the defense was able to come together and get those stops. The offense was able to come together and put us over the top and it was just a real overall team win."

On not opting out and win 10 games.
"It just means more for me personally, there was no way I was gonna flake out on my guys. I love everyone on the team,I got some tough decisions I am gonna have to make now but again being able to play this one last for sure with my guys on New years was a blessing for me. They came back when I decided to transfer and came back, they took me back with open arms and I felt like I owed them."

On ReliaQuest Bowl MVP Garret Nussmeier's success
"I am not surprised. I have been playing with him. He always always comes to work ready. He is a great person to be around. When he gets his opportunity, he does well and I see him at practice doing well too. I was not surprised and I was actually expecting it from him."

Tight End Mason Taylor

On LSU coming out big in the second half
"Yeah I think we did a great job of just fighting through adversity. The first few drives didn't work out for us but I know Nus(QB) and the O-Line, and everyone kept each other accountable and kept pushing. When we found our rhythm we knew it was the game."

On what Wisconsin did defensively and the opportunities he had
"We noticed their seams kept popping up and so we had a game plan to attack that. I think Nus(QB) did a great job going through his reads and when the opportunity came my way, I just had to (make the play)."

On what it meant for Nussmeier to have the opportunity to shine today
"It was great for him and well deserved. He has been behind great ones and has learned. It just shows when he comes back in and had over 300 yards, it just shows that he's attentive to detail and he is ready for his time to come."

Linebacker Whit Weeks

On the bad halftime locker room energy
"We just trust our process. We have been teaching strain for the last month of practice so we knew we had to come out and fight. I was trying to rally the boys at halftime as it did feel dead. We were walking out here and everyone was quiet. I was like yeah, somethings wrong."

On what they did to get it back going in the second half
"Realizing that this was our last 30 minutes we will have together all year. Some of these guys that were out on the field, it may be the last time they ever strap it up. We realized it is now or never."

On the defense's slow start
"When we went down 14-0 right away, we were like holy cow. When you go from three straight weeks, it is hard to go from that preparation to performance mindset."