ReliaQuest Bowl MVP Justin Robinson

January 2, 2023

ReliaQuest Bowl: Mississippi State vs Illinois
Monday, January 2, 2023
Tampa, Florida, USA
Raymond James Stadium
Mississippi State
Justin Robinson
ReliaQuest Bowl MVP
Press Conference

Mississippi State - 19, Illinois - 10

Q. Justin, you said you felt pretty confident. Walk us through that touchdown that you made.

JUSTIN ROBINSON: Before the play, during the timeout, they told us it was going to be a post route. Then they said it was supposed to be a run play. I told him no, I'm trying to get a touchdown. So I definitely wanted that one.

Q. You were talking about your nickname after the game, was it Tommy Toe Tap? Tell us a little bit about that.

JUSTIN ROBINSON: Tommy Toe Tap. I got that from Antonio Brown.

Q. What's it like with Zach Arnett as the head coach compared to Mike Leach? What are some of the differences there, and what's it been like having him as a head coach?

JUSTIN ROBINSON: It's not a big change. They're preaching the same thing. They're definitely working us the same way. I feel like Coach Arnett is a good fit for our head coach.

Q. What's this year been like? Looking for an opportunity out of the portal and worked your way into more reps. What's it been like this year?

JUSTIN ROBINSON: It's definitely been better than my previous year. I never had the opportunity to play like I did this year. So I can't complain.

Q. An emotional celebration after the game. What does it mean to you guys as players to win this game?

JUSTIN ROBINSON: It definitely meant a lot, especially what he did for us all year and then Coach Arnett stepping in.

Q. What were the emotions like after the game between proposals and players and flags and signing, and you getting an MVP, what was that all like? Can you put it into words?

JUSTIN ROBINSON: Not really. They were everywhere honestly. Everybody was feeling some type of everything.

Q. How was it to stay together, just being focused being down 10-3 going into the fourth quarter, knowing you need more points and the offense was struggling, how did you guys stay together?

JUSTIN ROBINSON: The offense kept telling each other, play that play, play the next play. So whatever happened, we're just going to make up for it.

Q. What do you think this game does for you?

JUSTIN ROBINSON: I feel like I put my some of my name a little bit. Definitely go up from here next year.

Q. What did you think of Simeon Price's performance in the final drive?

JUSTIN ROBINSON: He's a stud, definitely. He's a stud. He made a great play.

Q. You pull out a win at the Egg Bowl. You pull out a win here at the ReliaQuest Bowl. Where does that stand on your list?

JUSTIN ROBINSON: At the top. Definitely it's at the top. Ole Miss in a bowl game, that's what we need.

Q. You honored Coach Leach in many ways today. One was the helmet. What was the reaction of you guys when you saw the helmet?

JUSTIN ROBINSON: It was really cool. It was our first time seeing it in person. Definitely ready to rep it.

Q. What are your thoughts about next year?

JUSTIN ROBINSON: I'm very confident what we'll do next year. We'll have some big wins. Definitely a big season.

Q. What can a win like this do for the future in terms of momentum going into next year? Coming off not just this win, but a nine-win season?

JUSTIN ROBINSON: I feel like it will give us a lot of confidence the next year. I feel like we'll do great.

Q. Mentally and emotionally and everything going on, you guys had the new helmets and Mike Leach's picture. What was it like for you guys to take it all in and also stay focused and execute?

JUSTIN ROBINSON: It definitely was hard. But like I said, Coach Arnett, he preached and got us ready and told us what we need to do.

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